Tostada Pizza

Tostada Pizza

Ingredients ⁣
1 package @traderjoes pizza crust (in the bread section – comes 2 per package)⁣
Ground beef or turkey⁣
1 can black beans ⁣
Shredded cheese (Mexican works best)⁣
Tomato ⁣
White Onion⁣
Red onion ⁣
Jalapeño ⁣
Sour cream ⁣
Black Olives ⁣
Salt ⁣
Chili Powder⁣

Simmer the black beans with a dash of salt in a pot for 30-45 minutes. After it’s done cooking, smash the beans to make it more of a paste.⁣

Sautée onion until translucent. Add ground beef or turkey, garlic, salt, pepper and chili powder. Once cooked, set aside.⁣

Start by spreading the beans on top of the pizza crust and then add the meat. Top the meat with the shredded cheese and broil in oven until cheese is melted. Once melted, take out of the oven and top with the veggies. ⁣Add sour cream on top. You can also add guacamole and hot sauce. ⁣
To drizzle your sour cream like I did in the picture, add the sour cream to a ziplock bag and cut off a small tip in the corner

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